Gregory Mcdonald
Still the only writer to win Edgars for a novel and its sequel (Fletch and Confess, Fletch).

Patrick O’Brian

The psychology of command and espionage.

Neal Stephenson
My favorites are Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash, the Diamond Age, and Zodiac.

Martin Cruz Smith
I like Gorky Park, Rose, and Havana Bay best.

Ivan Doig
The English Creek trilogy.

Ross Thomas

Arthur Upfield

I was hooked by The Mountains Have A Secret and had to read the entire Inspector Bonaparte series.

Thomas Perry

I like them all, especially the Jane Whitefields, but my favorite is still The Butcher's Boy. Reminds me of Hammett's Red Harvest.

J. K. Rowling
I read all of these at least four times. I think this was when I first became aware of the structure of plots and began to think as a writer.
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